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The art of tournament at San Leo

Jump back to the Middle Age the 4 and 5 of October

The 4th and 5th of October 2014, you are invited to the village of San Leo, in the Romagna hills, to assist at “The art of tournament”, historical ceremony that lead to the “birth of the tournament”, into the great old fortress of San Leo.

A two-day event blast from the Middle Age, with armed men and damsels of the court, pages and heralds. You will learn how craftmen used to work, assist at medieval games, try to dance or pick up an old sword with a teacher help. During the weekend there is also the election of the King of Honor, the man-at-arms who will open the tournament.

If you are fond of photography, you can take part to the photo contest opened to everybody!

Info: San Leo turistic office
free call 800 55 38 00
tel (+39) 0541 92 69 67

Main pic courtesy of Philipp Scheiflinger (Flickr user Intelicaviar)


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