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Green Milan: Cascina Campazzo

A real farm, only 4 km far from Piazza del Duomo

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Milan has got a great agricultural history, you know? Also the name of the city has an agricultural origin: it sounds like Mediolanumin medio lanae, in the middle of the whool. Only 4 km far from Piazza del Duomo, there is a wide countryside area, the Ticinello Park, which covers 90 hectares, 70% of which are actual farmland, whilst the remaining 30% are park areas, open to the public.

We visit the historic farm Cascina Campazzo: 30 hectares cultivated with corn, wheat and fodder to feed 130 cows. The main activity is the milk production, but the farm organizes also didactic activities and agricultural festivals giving citizens the opportunity to celebrate, enjoy and to learn something more about the farmstead. However this situation hasn’t always been as easy as it looks, in fact the farmers of all the area had to fight against the landowners which wanted to build houses and apartments on the lands. It is only since few time that the situation is more quiet.



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