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Fiesole, a walk on Florentine’s hills

Enjoy a day off close to Florence

by Lucia Scalzo.

Even today, when we wake up in Tuscany, the sun gives us a mild and pleasant day. After some proposals we decide to take a walk to the Florentine hills and stop in Fiesole, a small burg that rises up on a hill near Florence, offering a wonderful view of the city.

The limpid day and the light allow us to identify all the well-known areas like the Cathedral’s dome and the Arno river. The town of Fiesole is pretty small and all uphill. We explore the alleys and we visit first of all the main square and the Cathedral in romanic style.

Going on exploring we discover the San Francesco Abbey. The outside is already specially pleasant: a green field very looked after enclosed by the abbey’s walls. The church both from the outside and from inside is characterised by a gothic style rather sober and offers a particular surprise: a completely free museum that I suggest you to visit. In fact the museum rallies all the “souvenirs” that the Franciscan missionary priests have collected around all over the world. Deserve a particular attention the Chinese and Egyptian manufacts, also rather ancient. A collection that you don’t expect, small but valuable.

We conclude the day with a fast lunch in a square’s bar. Low quality, rude employees and very high prices, but we are hungry and decide to pay for the veranda outside where we can eat under the sun and with the valley’s view.

Florence's view

Florence’s view


Lucia Scalzo, Mondovagando Travel Blog

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