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Genoa: The Luzzati Museum

Meet this great Italian artist

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Emanuele Luzzati was a great Italian artist, draftsman and theatre scenery designer. When in Genoa, pay a visit to his museum, at the Porto Antico (the old harbour): here you can find thematic exhibitions of his works, togheter with many artworks by the most important protagonists of illustration, film animation, comic and design.

Emanuele Luzzati had a very particular way of seeing life: he was persuaded to own his success to the racial laws, that allowed him to attend art school in Switzerland. Here he met other people who wanted to work as directors, filmmakers, and authors as him. Despite his personal experience, Luzzati was an optimistic person, who saw the positive side in people. The more his work was used and copied, the happier he was. His mission was to communicate his work.

He used to say “You can’t do anything alone” and he never imposed his own idea on others, above all with children: he didn’t force them to draw, he left them free to express themselves according to their needs…


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