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Genoa: The submarine Nazario Sauro

Explore a real submarine of the Italian Navy

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Genoa. One of the most amazing attraction of the Museum of the Sea Galata is the Submarine Nazario Sauro! This is not a reconstruction, but a real submersible of the Italian Navy.

Entering a submarine is a particular experience, above all if you identify a bit with the crew that inside it could even spend more than a month without ever seeing sunlight… The visit is very alluring, you hear recordings of the true noises of a submarine sailing and also the spaces are intact. The most cheerful part of the whole boat is the kitchen, reconstructed and fitted out just as if it were inhabited, with the table prepared and the voices in cable radio!

This submarine is a concentration of technology and nothing is missing: the periscope, the song of the sonar, the red light that was turned on to distinguish night from day… The idea of spending weeks inside it, however, is suffocating and after a while, going out to get a breath of air becomes a real need!


Cover pic by the official site of Galata Museum

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