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The Gira

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With The GIRA Adventures you can experience an adventurous trip along Italian hidden roads, driving an Ape Calessino (that is a special rickshaw), the funniest you’ll ever have had! Just define a starting point, and a finish line,  then you can drive more than 1,400 km on your special Ape, up to 9 days & nights.

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About The GIRA

What is the GIRA

Adventure and holyday. A travel you’ll tell everyone. A way to visit places in Italy you’d never ever seen! And also extremely fun trip: riding all day long, the roads and all the miles to go, places to discover, food to taste, beauties to watch at.

The road will be the journey. The GIRA just schedule an appointment on the starting line. And another one, on the finish line. In the middle, just YOUR trip. No set routes. No pampering, massages, no concierge or room service. Just you and your friends or mate, and your rickshaw. That will become part of the landscape. And hopefully will bring you to the arrival. Hopefully, as this is part of the adventure.

How does it work

The GIRA Adventures are not just incredibly cool and exclusive. But also affordable! The teams can be up to 3 people, but you can travel also if you are only 2. And if you are alone, don’t worry, we’ll find someone traveling with you!

What is included in your Rickshaw Adventure:

  • The Rick rental! Undoubtedly, the best vehicle ever!
  • Basic insurance, covering damage to third parties (but don’t be reckless!) and theft
  • Wifi connection and GPS on the Rick: we do want all your friends know how brave you are and be part of our supporting team!
  • A wonderful kick-off party! An occasion to meet all the other teams and socialize.

Read carefully all the advices to organize your trip at best!