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Welcome to Todi: the ideal city

According to a study by University of Kentucky

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We are in Todi, in the Italian region Umbria, in the very centre of Italy.

The countryside and the hills around here are beautiful. The city blends in perfectly with the landscape. Todi  is part of the Italian countryside par excellence.

There’s a national park through which an important river flows. There are many churches, big and small. There are houses with their own tiny vegetable plots. Then there’s the city centre,  steeped in so much history.

A study conducted by the University of Kentucky in 1990 revealed Todi to be the ideal city! There is a perfect balance between farming, art, culture and food.

It was already famous for being the birth place of Jacopone, who came to be known as Jacopone da Todi.


Main pic courtesy of Andrea Passoni (Flickr User AndrePax)

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